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When you place your trust in Alistair Turner you can expect the highest standards of professionalism, and a truly distinct service. The role of your local funeral director is to ease the stress and burden of decision-making, to listen carefully so that we may offer you expert guidance and provide you with a single point of contact who is always on hand to ease any worries or uncertainty with compassion and practical help.

Funeral Director

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John Stoddart

Funeral Director

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Chris Curry

Funeral Director

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Peter Townsend

Funeral Director


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Shirley Young


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Ina Kinghorn


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Elaine Frazer


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Gillian Stott


Funeral Operative

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Conor Miller

Funeral Operative

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We ask. We don’t sell. Anyone that’s ever bought a new car or booked a budget airline flight will have felt the frustration of unexpected or added costs that weren’t made clear when you started the search. In this blog, our MD, James Morris, cuts through the confusion...

How to support someone grieving in a post-coronavirus world?

Grief just got harder. In this blog, MD James Morris, explains how the new normal post Covid has just raised the stakes for bereaved families up and down the country. Before the coronavirus pandemic, when I gave talks to schools, curates, hospice and nursing...

What should I wear to a funeral?

It’s a question we get asked frequently so James Morris, our MD, provides some helpful pointers. In my 30 years of funeral arranging, trends have come and gone as have fashion highs and lows. But one rule remains as important today as it was when I started out....